In the words of Rainier Wolfcastle (a.k.a. McBain)…MENDOZA!!!!

24 Nov

2007 Argento Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina $10.10 LCBO #591693

It seems that today no matter where you turn, you can’t escape the news that our economy is falling apart. Makes you want to drown your sorrows in wine. Unfortunately, as the stock market continues to free fall, we might want to think twice about buying the expensive stuff.

This is where I can help! The 2007 Argento Malbec from Argentina is a great red that tastes like a $30 wine but costs a lot less. At only $10.10, this amazing value is packed with flavours of raspberries, cherries, fresh herbs, and a hint of milk chocolate. It has soft tannins and medium body that makes it very easy to drink. The Argento Malbec would pair well with a roasted chicken, pork chops and grilled vegetables.

I highly recommend that you head down to the LCBO and pick up a couple of bottles of this wine. It’s nice to know that no matter what your current financial position might be, you will always be able to drink well…but that’s just my opinion. Let me know what you think.

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Posted by on November 24, 2008 in Argentina, Malbec, Red Wine


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