Flight of the Condor!!!

22 Dec

2006 Penley Estate Condor Cabernet/Shiraz, Coonawarra, Australia $22.95 LCBO #731893

This week’s wine is very interesting. It’s a blend of two very popular grape varieties grown in Australia: Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. In most cases, when these two grapes are blended, the result is often less than spectacular. One grape tends to dominate the other. Fortunately for us, the 2006 Penley Estate Condor marries the two beautifully.

This wine shows the best of both grapes with flavours of cassis, blackcurrants and blackberries from the Cabernet and red cherries from the Shiraz. All of these powerful fruits are nicely wrapped up with flavours of tobacco, vanilla, and spice.

This wine would pair great with a rack of lamb or ribs. As for cheese, I would recommend that you try a sharp cheddar or even a Parmigiano.

This is a blockbuster wine and a must buy! I know that it is the holiday season, so when you are at the LCBO picking up a gift for yourself, please pick up a bottle of this wine! At $22.95, it’s an amazing value…but that’s just my opinion. Let me know what you think.


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