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Kaefferkopf Gewurztraminer…now that’s a mouthful!

2005 Binner Kaefferkopf Gewurztraminer, Alsace, France $15.95 LCBO #686352

I decided to post this week’s selection a little early in anticipation of this weekend’s impending Thanksgiving feast.

If your Thanksgiving is anything like mine, invariably some member of your extended family has dredged up (or re-gifted) a random bottle of wine from their basement meant as their Thanksgiving meal offering. You know the one that ends up making the turkey taste like the metallic chrome bumper of your Grandmother’s 1978 Oldsmobile. Well….I am here to save you from that impending disaster.

Turkey is a bit of an odd bird when it comes to matching wines. You really want to make sure that the wine and the bird don’t fight with each other. The 2005 Binner Kaefferkropf Gewurztraminer (geh-VERTS-trah-mee-ner) is a lover…not a fighter. It’s acidity and fragrant flavours of lychee, grapefruit, and rose pedal work very well with all the traditional elements of a Thanksgiving meal.

If the floral fragrance of a Gewurztraminer is not your style, picking up an Ontario Riesling or a good Burgundy (Pinot Noir) would do the job as well. I would recommend talking to the Product Consultant at your local LCBO to see what they suggest…but that’s just my opinion. Let me know what you think. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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