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Excuse me….there is bacon in this wine!

2005 Graham Beck Old Road Pinotage, South Africa $25.95 LCBO #052746

Sometimes when you taste a wine, it’s hard not to give your head a shake and ask “how did THAT get in THERE?” The 2005 Graham Beck Old Road Pinotage is definitely one of those wines.

Normally, when you think of red wine you just assume that you are going to get flavours of red and black fruit (with a little oak thrown in for good measure). Unfortunately for you, this wine is going to pleasantly mess with your head! This South African beauty hits you with flavours of smoked meat, bacon, spice, and blackberries. Yes…you read it right…this wine smells and tastes like salted pork parts. Pinotage (which is a cross between the Pinot Noir and Cinsault grapes) is notorious for these meaty aromas. This wine would pair very well with St. Louis style pork ribs or even a homemade BLT. As for cheese, I would recommend trying it with a sharp cheddar.

At $25.95, the Graham Beck is at the upper end of the range when it comes to value, but I absolutely loved this wine. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to have their mind opened to the spectrum of flavours the world of wine has to offer…but that’s just my opinion. Let me know what you think.

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Posted by on March 2, 2009 in Pinotage, Red Wine, South Africa

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