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A private order from France

2007 Château Pesquié Viognier, Côtes du Ventoux, Southern Rhône, France, Private Order

Before we get into this week’s wine, I have to tell you that I am feeling pretty good about myself right now. If you remember back when I first started “Adam’s Wine of the Week” I recommended a Syrah from a winery called Chateau Pesquie. (It was my recommendation for the week of May 5th, 2008.) It turns out that not only did I think this was an amazing wine for a great price, but my opinion was reaffirmed by the kind people at the LCBO when they named this wine one of the “smart buys” of the year in their most recent Vintages magazine. The 2006 version of this wine was just released last week ($15.95 LBCO#652313). Get some before it all runs out.

This week’s wine also comes from Chateau Pesquie…but unfortunately you can’t get this wine from the LCBO. Chateau Pesqiue only makes a few hundred cases of their Viognier each year, which all but eliminates it from ever appearing on the shelves of your local wine shop. This wine has pronounced flavours of violets, peach, and citrus and would pair very well with asparagus or grilled fish. As for cheese, I would try the Chateau Pesquie Viognier with a reblochon or a goat cheese.

The fact is that the majority of wine that is imported into Canada never sees the shelves of your local wine shop. Most of this wine is purchased by restaurants, wine clubs, and private individuals. So the next time you fall in love with a wine that you can’t find in your wine shop don’t despair. With a little digging, you can usually find out who the importer is and order through them. The only catch is that in most places in Canada, when you order wine from an importer, you need to buy a full case of the wine. I know…tragic…but that’s just my opinion. Let me know what you think.

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Say it with me…vee-oh-NYAY

2007 Michel Gassier Les Piliers Viognier Vin de Pay d’Oc, France $18.95 LCBO #669531

This week’s wine is all about expanding your wine vocabulary by introducing you to another hidden wine gem…Viognier. Viognier (say it with me people…vee-oh-NYAY) is a white grape originally found in the Rhône Valley and southern France, but now grows exceptionally well in places like Australia, Chile, and California. It makes a wonderfully floral and fruity wine with excellent structure. This week’s wine is a fantastic example of what a well made Viognier can be.

The 2007 Michel Gassier Les Piliers Viognier is a beautifully perfumed wine with strong flavours of dried apricots, peach, candied fruits and cantaloupe. I would recommend putting this wine on ice for 20 minutes before serving it with pasta in a pesto sauce or a chicken stir-fry.

In comparison to its well known brethren, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, you can find excellent examples of Viognier from top producers for under $20. At $18.95, the Michel Gassier Les Piliers is a top notch wine for a great value. I recommend you go and try it…but that’s just my opinion. Let me know what you think.

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